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March 11, 2019  

Ep 34: The Harris County Does and The Bandit Who Wouldn’t Give Up

March 11, 2019

IS ANYONE ALIVE OUT THERE?! Yes? Good. Welcome back to another episode of really crappy content with Kills and Chills. Today we talk about a variety of things, like us going to Emo Nite again, seeing I See Stars in hopes of getting strep throat again, sending the three peeps that found out personal accounts some edible arrangements (hit us up) and of course, the meat of the stew, our two stories! Dan takes us back to last weeks episode and ties everything in with the Harris County Does. She goes over the male and female that were found but have never been claimed, v sad stuff. While Ken tells us about Elmer McCurdy, the corpse that was mummified and used as a prop for most of its afterlife. Extra weird stuff! We hope you enjoy this ranty episode!

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